"Do you sell stands or stadiums?"
No, we don't. We sell only stuff to improve them, like seats, benches, railings etc.

"Do you ship worldwide?"
Yes we do.

"How much will it cost to ship the items to my country?"
Shipping costs will be calculated before the order process is completed. After you fill in your country  (during the ordering process) actual shipping cost will appear.

"Shipping costs are changed during the ordering process, why does this happen?"
Initial shipping costare based on shipping to the Netherlands. If you live outside the Netherlands shipping costs will change to your destination.

"I have made my own stadium, can I use your items?"
Yes you can, we can make the items to almost any size you want. If you give us the right measurements we can produce it.

"Why is there no delivery time displayed?"
Because almost any part will be printed after ordered, delivery time depend on order intake.

”What will be the approximate delivery time?”
Delivery time will be between 2 and 4 weeks