Grandstand GS1®

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Color of the seats: Blue
Roof texture: Bitumen 1
Sale price€74,00


The fabulous Grandstand GS1® is here!

Including 282 seats
Two tiers with roof (with texture)
Two stairs
Two add board stickers

Measurements of the GS1 are: length 285 mm, heigth 199 and depth 183 mm

Examples of the roof textures are shown here 

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Craig Davies
Review of Grandstand GS1, Various Terraces and Accessories

I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade my Subbuteo stadium and searched on-line to see if there were any alternatives to the old Subbuteo / Zeugo stands that I was familiar with. I chanced upon the SUBBUTOSTADIUM.COM web-site and began searching through an impressive array of products, eventually deciding that I would purchase a Grandstand GS1 with the bitumen 1 roof and green seats plus two T2 Terraces with white seats to fit either side of the Grandstand. I also purchased two different name tags (one for the stand and one for the stadium). The order was very easy to set up (via the basket) and was processed very quickly and then delivered in a very timely manner by DHL.

Upon receipt I found all the items to be most impressive and very easy to construct (the video on this web-site was very useful for the Grandstand) ... I secured the rows of seats onto the stands using Blu Tack but I'm sure that an appropriate glue would easily do the trick. I then populated the stands with fans and they set off one side of my pitch very nicely.

I then decided that I wanted the Grandstand roof effect for the whole of that side and so purchased two Second Tier Construction with (Bitumen 1) Roof parts and two T3 Terraces with black seats to sit above the two T2 Terraces I already had. Upon receipt I was most pleased to find that all the parts fitted together seamlessly giving me a roofed grandstand (with players' tunnel) across that full length of pitch.

The finished article gives me the nice authentic 1970s feel to the stadium that I was hoping for (particularly the excellently realized roof) and I may paint the white framework in the future although I don't think that would be essential. I would certainly consider expanding my stadium still further with these products but space constraints will probably prevent me from doing so.

I've uploaded a photograph of my set up using the reviewed products which hopefully serves as a visual aid although I must apologize for the rather poor quality of the picture which, unfortunately, doesn't do full justice to said products.

Finally, a shout out to Ron and Sue whose service was exemplary throughout with the added bonus of excellent communication via email ... they clearly have a passion both for the game of Subbuteo and their excellent products, which I highly recommend.

Thanks again Ron and Sue and good luck.

Cheers, Craig.